VA-8: Candidate Lavern Chatman + Oprah Winfrey = Sold Out Event

VA-8: Candidate Lavern Chatman + Oprah Winfrey = Sold Out Event

‘I came here tonight to support Lavern Chatman’ — Oprah Winfrey

In late March, congressional candidate Lavern Chatman wowed members of the Black Caucus at their weekly meeting on Capitol Hill.  Last night, Chatman wowed an audience of well over 300 people in Arlington, Va., with the help of Oprah Winfrey.  The event was sold out.

Chatman, a Democrat and former CEO of a nonprofit, is running for Congress for Virginia’s 8th district.

crowd-chatDespite a road bump in the press regarding a judgement against her over ten years ago, Chatman appears to be surging in a crowded field of candidates to replace retiring Rep. Jim Moran in Virginia’s 8th congressional district.  “The Chatman campaign announced a fundraising haul of more than $200,000 since entering the race earlier this year,” Politico reported in March.

Last night’s packed fundraiser featuring billionaire mogul Winfrey should add to the total in a big way.  The fundraiser carried a theme of empowering women and the crowd was mostly female.  The least expensive ticket to attend was $15o and the most expensive was $2,600.   That $2,600 price tag included a photo with Winfrey.

With FEC reports due out soon, Chatman is likely to be at the top of the heap in fundraising in a field of 15 candidates. It’s clear that whoever wins the June 10th primary will be the next Representative of the 8th district. Chatman, a well regarded. philanthropist who has worked in the community she seeks to serve in Congress for years, also has the help of many Moran operatives.

Oprah’s longtime partner, Steadman Graham, also attended the event last night.