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#CRomnibus: #Obama Fights for Bill With No $ For Police Cams, $1B for Egypt

#CRomnibus: #Obama Fights for Bill With No $ For Police Cams, $1B for Egypt

A $1.1 trillion bill without his $0.000263T in camera money. What exactly did Democrats win in the $1.1 trillion CRomnibus bill that passed the House and the Senate?  On December 1, the President asked Congress for $263 million for police body cameras and training on a day of fanfare and camera ops.  Obviously the White House didn’t push for it. The same budget that has $1.3 billion going to Egypt and $1.2 billion for immigration doesn’t have $263 for cameras and police training…

Let’s review what was in the bill — a bill that 58 Democrats in the House voted for:

1.  A favor to big oil.
2.  $1.3 billion for Egypt.
3.  There’s $1.2 billion to deal with immigrants at the Mexican border.
4.  A favor for those who love more and more money in politics.
5.  A gift for big banks who caused an economic crisis in the form of a Dodd-Frank rollback.
6.  A cut to pensions.
7.  $5 billion for an Ebola problem that is overseas.
8.  $521 billion in military spending including $64 billion to fight ISIS.
9.  Another nullification of D.C. voters so Tea Partiers like Andy Harris can push a policy of Black kids in D.C. continuing to get a felony for weed disproportionate to everyone else.

Bottom line: The money the President requested for body police body cameras is not in the bill.  Think about that: $263 million for cameras and police training wasn’t in the bill but $64 billion for ISIS and a cutback of consumer protections in Dodd-Frank was.  

That’s what President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden was calling members for.  

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