Capitol Hill: #BrothersforLorettaLynch March to Take Place Wed. April 22

Capitol Hill: #BrothersforLorettaLynch March to Take Place Wed. April 22

#BrothersforLorettaLynch March to Take Place Wednesday Morning.  A march organized by Roland Martin, Pastor Jamal Bryant and Jeff Johnson in support of Loretta Lynch is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning.

All participants are called to gather in front of 400 North Capitol Street on Capitol Hill.  The march to the Capitol is set to start at 10 a.m.

There have been two recent marches by female leaders in support of Loretta Lynch.  The first was led by Melanie Campbell and Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner on March 26 see story in The Root.

The second march by female religious and civil rights leaders to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office took place last week on April 14.  After seeing the Deltas swarm Capitol Hill during Lynch’s confirmation hearing followed by other prominent women hitting the bricks and visiting Capitol Hill, the men will visit the Capitol in support of Loretta Lynch on Wednesday morning.

The flyer for the rally can be seen below.