Barbara Lee: We’re Going the Wrong Way on Unemployment Benefit Cut

Needless to tell you Rep. Barbara Lee, who is the lead author of legislation to assist unemployed people who have run out of their 99 weeks of unemployment (HR 589) insurance, is not happy with the terms of the payroll tax deal as it pertains to cutting unemployment benefits.  The House GOP, always there to argue that people who are unemployed do not deserve a bailout, are proposing a cut to the benefits from 99 weeks to 73 weeks.

“We’re are heading in the wrong direction,” Lee said flatly about the pending deal on the payroll tax.

But the final terms of the deal have not been figured out.  A key champion of the unemployed who is involved in the negotiations, Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan, said today that there were still many things to be worked out so it’s difficult to comment and analyze things that have not yet occurred.  Even so, it definitely sounds as if a cut to unemployment benefits is included in the final deal.