15.8 to 13.6! Black Jobless # Freefall! Lowest Since FEB 2009!

15.8 to 13.6! Finally the unemployment rate in the highest unemployment sector — African Americans — drops big.  This is the lowest (and best) number since FEBRUARY 2009 — two months into President Obama’s presidency.  After black unemployment his the highest number in 27 years in August 2011 — an amazing 16.7% — several members of the CBC complained loudly as they watched their constituents navigate the highest unemployment numbers in the country and in their districts (Conyers… Waters…) in over 25 years.  Now it looks like the unemployment numbers are finally coming down.  The other BIG NEWS is the black male unemployment rate: That dropped from 14 to 12.6%. Wow. Big improvement.

Interesting note: 13.6% is still the highest black unemployment number than any black unemployment number posted during 8 years of George Bush’s presidency.  At the end of the first year of President Obama’s term in December of 2009, black unemployment hit 16.2%.

Overall unemployment for everyone, black folks and white is coming down.  Can Congressional Republicans continue to blame President Obama for everything while giving him zero help and allowing nothing to pass in Congress while also giving him no credit?  Clearly this is all the White House since they have received no help from the GOP over the last year.