Why is President Rushing Back to Campaign?

Right now let’s face it: New Jersey Chris Christie is the best Obama 2012 campaign surrogate of the last 48 hours. The praise Christie gave President Obama as the Republican Governor deals with devastation is the type of PR money could never buy and only an disaster could create.

Twenty-five percent of Hoboken, NJ is under water and the President is going back out on the campaign trail Thursday. For what? Romney has changes his stump speech and removed all the attacks on the President. Why? Because nothing can compete with the images of storm devastation and a commander in chief in charge. All that has nothing to do with politics. Romney knows it.

Does team Obama really need an image of a campaigning President an some bouncy rah rah rally in Ohio after two states were devastated? What image could beat what they’ve got going now?

All the newspapers in Ohio, Virginia and Florida will have a Obama/Christie bipartisan bromance photo. What’s the rush to go back and campaign.