Rep. Keith Ellison Looks Set to Run for DNC Chair

Rep. Keith Ellison Looks Set to Run for DNC Chair

He hasn’t made a formal announcement yet but the look of things appears clear: Progressive leader and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison looks ready to announce he will run to be the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The DNC has had a rough time in recent years.  After being marginalized and ignore by President Obama as well as saddled with his campaign debt, the DNC was sapped of power. President Obama set up his own forward political operation — Obama for America — as DNC took a back seat.

Now that the Democratic Party is at its weakest point since 1928, new leadership os required. Ellison is a true progressive who endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President early in 2016 as most of his colleagues in the Black Caucus supported Hillary Clinton.  It turns out  Ellison may have been on to something.

With the House returning to session tomorrow and announcement from Ellison could come up as early as Monday morning.