Ed Towns: I’m Running

There was much rumor and speculation that Rep. Ed Towns, who has been in Congress since 1983, would not be running for re-election.  The rumors ended today as Towns made it official today: He is running for re-election.  Towns will turn 79 in July.

Just yesterday, a young up-and-coming member of the New York State Assembly, Hakeem Jeffries, announced he was running against the 30-year incumbent.  Jeffries is Towns’ second challenger.  As a result there will be a three way primary between the Democrats in September.  Though some say that the challenge to Towns will be an epic “old vs. new” clash, it’s more likely that the incumbent Towns will win and win easy.  Yes, the Washington Post just reported tonight that there yet another poll out showing historic dislike of Congress, but the fact still remains that individual person approves of their Congressman, but dislike the antecedentless “Congress” in general.

There is no doubt that Jeffries is a lean mean fighting machine and a rising star… but incumbents usually win… even in big trending years and turnover years… One interesting thing the journos over at Columbia J-School noted: When Hakeem Jeffries announced against Towns he did not attack him.  That will probably change somewhere down the road near the primary but for now, it is interesting.

Towns’ district is one of the most diverse of any of the 4 CBCers in NY.  He represents Bedford-Stuyvesant, Boreum Hill, Brownsville, Canarsie, Clinton Hill, Cypress Hills, downtown Brooklyn, East New York, Midwood, Mill Basin, and parts of Fort Greene and Williamsburg.