Dems Go 0-5 for Red Open House Seats… But #GOP Should Be Worried

Dems Go 0-5 for Red Open House Seats… But #GOP Should Be Worried

Millions were spent, thousands voted. But the Democrats went 5-0 on red seats left vacant by Trump appointees. 

GA-06 — (Price) Winner: Handel by 9,702 / 51-48
GA-06 — (Price) (runoff) Osoff barely loses chance to win seat straight away. 

SC-05 — (Mulvaney) Winner: Norman by 2,836 / 51-47
KS-04 — (Pompeo) Winner: Estes by 8,195 votes / 52-45
MT-AL — (Zinke) Winner: Gianforte by 22,990  / 50-44

The bad news for Democrats is that they just lost five straight contests in a row as Donald Trump rides a 38% approval rating with a Russia investigation going on in the background.

The good news for Democrats is that they’re coming a hell of a lot closer to winning in very red Republican seats than they should be. All of these seats should have been blowouts for the Republicans but look at the numbers above.  How did South Carolina’s 5th congressional seat have a 51-45 contest? Republicans had to spend over $20 million to get to 51 percent? It would be interesting to see what the field spending targeted to Black votes in SC-05 as the Dems only lost by 2,836 votes. 

The makeup of the 435 member U.S. House will soon be will soon be 241 Republicans and 194 Democrats.  Montana Republican Greg Gianforte will be sworn in later today despite his assault on a reporter on the day of his election.  He later apologized.  

Clearly the Democratic Party needs a message that says more that “we hate Donald Trump.”  They also need to get real on what it takes to win an election.  We live in the comms age of Trump yet the Dems are still rolling out “when they go low we go high” and Ossoff attempted a high road campaign as Handel was attacking him left and right.  All I’ll ask is: How is that working for you Democrats?