Butterfield Urges Delusional McCrory to Stop Lying to Himself, Admit Loss

Butterfield Urges Delusional McCrory to Stop Lying to Himself, Admit Loss

On election day, Republican Governor Pat McCrory lost. McCrory got fewer votes than Democratic challenger and Governor-Elect Roy Cooper. But that hasn’t stopped McCrory from slipping into an embarrassing denial about his loss. 

Now McCrory is trying to fool citizens in the state of North Carolina that he didn’t lose. McCrory lost. But instead of conceding he’s chosen to make a spectacle of himself with unproven accusations. As if to be an alternative universe, McCrory is continuing to carry-on with unproven claims of voter fraud. 

“It’s clear that Roy Cooper has won the general election and is entitled to begin the transition to become our next governor,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield told The Wilson Times this week. “It’s shameful that Gov. McCrory would hold out and try to manufacture reasons why the election results should not be certified. It’s despicable.”

Shame doesn’t seem to be a big consideration to McCrory, he will simply not admit that more people voted for the other guy on November 8th. Instead, the soon-to-be-former Governor of North Carolina has been engaged in a smear campaign against certain groups of voters.  

“We intend to let the process work as it should to ensure that every legal vote is counted properly,” said McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz said in a delusional statement that took a swing at felon voters.

“It appears all these challenges are frivolous and unfounded,” Butterfield said to The Wilson Times on the situation. “There is no evidence of voter fraud in North Carolina whatsoever, and McCrory’s efforts amount to a fishing expedition. We don’t allow it in a court of law, and we don’t allow it in our electoral process.”

When McCrory will finally grab on to reality regarding his loss is anyone’s guess.