Artur Party Switch? Will He Take on CBC Freshman Sewell?

Apparently former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, who was trounced in his run for Governor of Alabama last year, hasn’t had quite enough.  Davis has told the Washington Post that he is thinking of a party switch from Democrat to Republican.  That switch could mean a challenge to freshman Rep. Terri Sewell who took his seat after he left Congress in 2010… maybe not in 2012… but perhaps after.  A Washington Post story appears to show that Davis may be a person in the middle of a political identity crisis.  His vote against health care reform in 2010 — the only CBC member to doso — was clearly an attempt to appear moderate in Alabama for a statewide race — one that he’d eventually get beat in.  During many conversations last year before Davis departed, he told me he was sick of Washington and uninterested in running again… was he just frustrated and burnt out after losing by 24 points in the race for Governor?  Though he will be going to Harvard as a fellow… he sounded like he may be keeping a door open… this is something to keep an eye on…

Artur Davis in the Washington Post:  “The only way I would have to cross that threshold is if I decided to run for office,” he said. “My recognition after losing the governor’s race was I closed a bunch of doors that weren’t likely to be re-opened.”