Black Caucus Moves to Remove #ConfederateFlag from #USCapitol… and Everywhere Else

Posted on 25 Jun 2015

Koch Brothers + @NAACP Unite on Justice Reform: SAFE Justice Act

Posted on 25 Jun 2015

Justice Reform: 9 Dems and 9 Republicans to Push Over-Criminalization Roll Back

Posted on 25 Jun 2015

#Justice Reform: Sensenbrenner, Scott to Introduce SAFE Justice Act

Posted on 23 Jun 2015

“Pain and Oppression” @SenatorTimScott on the #ConfederateFlag

Posted on 22 Jun 2015

#TakeItDown #Mitt Starts GOP Roll Against #ConfederateFlag #Charleston

Posted on 22 Jun 2015

5 Recent Black Church Arsons in 7 Days – Details

In the wake of the racist murders of nine members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June

#BreeNewsome Takes Down #ConfederateFlag at SC Statehouse

Bree Newsome Does What We Were Thinking.  A #BlackLivesMatter activist, Bree Newsome, 30, did what was in the back

Koch Brothers + @NAACP Unite on Justice Reform: SAFE Justice Act

What gridlock? In a never before seen press conference featuring a bipartisan group of House lawmakers, the NAACP,

#Hillary’s Black Outreach: What Selecting a Former Black Caucus Staffer Means

What does the selection of LaDavia Drane as Hillary’s Black Outreach Chief mean? It means the end of the

#Ferguson in Virginia: Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man Dead in 2011 Shot Another Dead in 2015

“Denyakin was shot 11 times by Rankin, who was responding to a 911 call about the 26-year-old aggressively

The Eshoo Letter

The Eshoo letter regarding changes in House seniority, party dues, secret ballots. Last week Rep. Anna Eshoo

Young Black Men: Rep. Frederica Wilson Rolls Out Role Models

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson Presents the 5000 Role Models Graduating Class of 2015 at “Academic Signing Day. 

Patriot Acts: The Constitution and @RandPaul

Why is sticking up for the Constitution this lonely? So let me get this straight, the same people who argued that

Jeffries Turns Clarke Testimony Into Chat on White on White Crime

The testimony of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was just as devoid of strategic substance on policing as his

GOP Invites Nutty #Obama Hating Sheriff to Hearing on Policing

“Obama started this war on police intentionally,” wrote Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on