Update: 6 Federal #Ferguson Related Pieces of Legislation

Posted on 15 Dec 2014

@RepJohnLewis: I Fear for the Future Of Our Country #Ferguson

Posted on 15 Dec 2014

@RepMaxineWaters to #Obama: “Rethink Strategy” for Public Housing Going Private

Posted on 15 Dec 2014

John Lewis on #CRomnibus: Wall St Gifted After Black Lost 50% of Wealth?

Posted on 13 Dec 2014

#Ferguson @RepHankJohnson Drops Special Prosecutor Bill to Alter Grand Jury System

Posted on 11 Dec 2014

#Ferguson: Conyers, Thompson, Cummings Push For In-Depth #MikeBrown #EricGarner Hearings

Posted on 10 Dec 2014

@RepJohnLewis: I Fear for the Future Of Our Country #Ferguson

Civil Rights legend John Lewis lays it down. “In the speech, King describes what he calls the “other

@RepMaxineWaters to #Obama: “Rethink Strategy” for Public Housing Going Private

Public Housing Goes Private.  Press release: Rep. Maxine Waters: The top Democrat on the House Financial Services

#CRomnibus: #Obama Fights for Bill With No $ For Police Cams, $1B for Egypt

A $1.1 trillion bill without his $0.000263T in camera money. What exactly did Democrats win in the $1.1 trillion

@CoryBooker Tells Everyone Why #CRomnibus Was a Wall St. Sell Out

CROmnibus. “This appropriations bill erodes the Dodd-Frank Act and the protections it put in place after big banks

57 Dems Have No Business Asking Anyone Why They Don’t Vote

57 Democrats. “Protesters I’ve talked to, they’re not interested in politics, they don’t

First #Ferguson Bill Passes Congress: Police Must Report Deaths in Custody to DOJ

First Piece of #Ferguson Related Legislation Passes Congress and Will Become Law. H.R. 1447, the Death in Custody

Sharpton’s 12/13 March: No Anti-Police Militarization Demand?

Where’s the Police Militarization Issue? A look at the demands from NAN President Al Sharpton and Urban

#Ferguson: We Must Look Back in Order to Move Forward #EricGarner

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III “There is not a Black America and a White America …there’s the United States of