Black Caucus Announces Plan to Boost the Black Vote for 2014

Posted on 19 Sep 2014

FBI Arrests Anti-Gov’t Anarchist for Firebombing Cleaver’s Office

Posted on 17 Sep 2014

#Ferguson: @RepHankJohnson’s Police Demilitarization Bill Gets GOP Support

Posted on 16 Sep 2014

Lacy Clay is a Tad Unhappy w/ McCaskill After Not Being Invited to Sept 15 #Ferguson Meeting

Posted on 11 Sep 2014

#RayRice: John Conyers + 11 Members of Congress, Send Letter to Roger Goodell

Posted on 11 Sep 2014

#Audio Ben Crump on #MikeBrown Case, #Ferguson

Attorney Ben Crump, who also represented the family of Trayvon Martin, was on Capitol Hill this week at a ACLU

23-17: Vote to Fund Syrian Rebels Splits Black Caucus

The House vote to fund training and arming of Syrian rebels to take on ISIS split the Black Caucus in half.  The

Members of Congress Vocal on #RayRice Silent on Federal Judge Mark Fuller

After Roland Martin shined a spotlight on Alabama Judge Mark Fuller, Congresswoman Terri Sewell became the first

In #Ferguson, AG Eric Holder Says He Too Has Experienced Racial Profiling

Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson, Mo., today regarding events around the August 9th shooting death of

Israel: The Black Caucus and House Resolution 657

H.Res. 657: 166 co-sponsors — 11 were Black Caucus members.  On July 11, 2014, the House “passed”

First iPhone 6 Buyer in Perth Drops It on Live TV

The video says it all…