“You’ve Damaged Your Own Race.” 50 Arrests as Mayor Nutter Lays It Down in Philly

“We want a safe city. We will not tolerate ignorant, stupid out of control behavior… Quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race… Some of them have made shame on our race. It’s a disgrace what’s going on.” — Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia

Over 50 teens were arrested in Philadelphia over this weekend. A week ago, Mayor Michel Nutter of Philly imposed a 9 p.m. curfew on kids under 18 as a result of a “flash mob” violence problem.  Nutter announced the curfew at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in what can only be described as a daring and direct address.  Don’t think that black folks don’t discuss privately what Nutter said from the pulpit with cameras rolling.  But in an age of careful speecifying, talking points and teleprompters, this baby is a keeper.  Nutter spoke directly to black youth and their parents in the speech.