With 82 Shot, 14 Dead in Chicago a Request for $3.7 Billion for Immigration

With 82 Shot, 14 Dead in Chicago a Request for $3.7 Billion for Immigration

“This is a humanitarian crisis.”
We are considering “alternatives for detention.”
“We’ve identified this as a humanitarian situation.”
“Money is needed to “get to the root causes of violence and instability.”
“The request [for $3.7 billion] indicates our seriousness on this issue.”
We are pursing a “all of government” approach.”
“Our concern is protecting the children.”

Are the above quotes referring to Chicago, a city in America where 82 people were shot this weekend? No.Above is a sampling of often repeated taking points used during a conference call by Obama Administration officials today detailing why $3.7 billion in tax money should be used for border control.  No one indicated exactly where the money would come from.The “emergency supplemental” to deal with arriving immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras will get a quick hearing on Thursday.The White House officials indicated there was no money for terrorism included but there was money for wildfires.There was also $300 million for the State Department for a PR campaign to persuade people from coming to the U.S.Now let’s talk about what no one in the Obama Administrations has brought up yet: That the former White House Chief of Staff and Mayor of the City of Chicago is presiding over a city that features epidemic gun violence.  The latest spike has been met with a wall of silence.  And that same Mayor would appear to gave no plan to deal with what is surely a “humanitarian crisis” in the heart of the U.S.  

As has been widely reported, less than 90 hours over 4th of July weekend 82 people were shot — 14 to death in Chicago.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel took three questions yesterday and answered all of them in talking points.  Whether the Mayor has requested assistance from the Governor of Illinois or the federal government is unknown.

President Obama has been fond of saying that certain issues in African American communities “can’t be solved by the government.”  The phrase, which is also a Tea Party talking point, is becoming the answer du jour of younger Black electeds.
My Brother’s Keeper is “not some big new government program” President Obama told onlookers in the East Room in February.

Yet when it comes to immigration policy none of this language is heard.
Suddenly the government, along with a $3.7 billion “emergency supplemental” is the answer. But it’s interesting to note that the phrase, “it can’t be solved by the government” is never applied to any policy around immigration.  President Obama isn’t telling central American leaders Salvador Cerén and Otto Molina to get their acts together so their citizens won’t keep leaving en masse.The immigrants crossing the border are fleeing violence and are in need of assistance, resources, legal counsel — and there is a push for funding. Meanwhile in Chicago we see and ongoing summer after to summer epidemic of violence.  But no declarations of emergency.