Will Any CBCers Retire?

Charlie Gonzalez… Barney Frank… Will any members of the Congressional Black Caucus retire at the end of 2012? If history is any judge thee will be at least 2 or 3 retirements.  Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel, who has been in Congress since 1971, has been the subject of retirement rumors since last year… but that doesn’t mean anything until he actually says it. Will he?  Twelve members of the 43 member CBC are 69 or over.  John Conyers will be 83 next year and Charlie Rangel will be 82.  Conyers has already said he is running again.  Reps. Corrine Brown, Danny Davis showed interest in running for another office last year.  Reps. Ed Towns, Don Payne and Eddie Bernice Johnson are all over 75 years old.  Del Ealeanor Holmes Norton is 74.  What keeps people in Congress so long? In the case of Johnson, the possibility that they might one day Chair a full Committee.  Members wait 20 years to get into position to Chair a Committee.  Leaving right before that may happen after waiting 20 years is a foolish idea. Others to keep an eye on: Jim Clyburn and Bennie Thompson.  Remember: Until they say they are running for re-election you never know what may happen.  Gridlock is wearing a lot of members in the minority down and the clock is always ticking.