Waters on West: “Outrageous, Ridiculous…” and West’s Bro Was at CBC Job Fair

Is (verbal) grenade tossing retired Col. and now Congressman Allen West a serious person or just someone in need of constant attention? Are Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments a threat to the President’s re-election? Have “old skool” black leaders been co-opted into pushing policies that don’t work?  On Fox News, Rep. West called Waters, Rep Barbara Lee and others “overseers” on a “plantation” the other day.  The comments led to MSNBC anchor Tamon Hall to wonder outloud if people say things just for a quick attention getting sound bite.  Not a bad question.

“It’s a little bit outrageous,” Waters, D-Calif., told MSNBC. “It’s a little bit ridiculous” and “hard to respond to.”

West: “Today in the black community, we see individuals who are either wedded to a subsistence check or an employment check. Democrat physical enslavement has now become liberal economic enslavement, which is just as horrible.” And I guess Allen West’s brother must be one of those “enslaved” because he was at the CBC job fair in Atlanta…