VIDEO: Brown Confronts Angela Corey After Marissa Alexander Sentencing

Congresswoman Corrine Brown attended the sentencing hearing this morning for Marissa Alexander.  Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison toady in an incident where she shot a bullet into a wall during an argument with her husband.  Many argue that he case is an example of a Stand Your Ground case that was — for some odd reason — not considered a Stand Your Ground case.  A motion for Stand Your Ground immunity was denied during Alexander’s trail.  In the video below, Rep. Corrine Brown, who represents Sanford, Fla. and Jacksonville, Fla. argues the case out with Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey. On another note: I spoke with Angela Corey regarding Stand Your Ground, Marissa Alexander and Trayvon as well for about 30 minutes.  More on that conversation soon.