Several CBCers Vote NO on Reid Bill… Then Switched to YES

Only 11 Democrats voted for the Reid bill that went down in the House this afternoon. Now the debt talks remain in limbo on the Senate side as everyone waits for Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to get it together with the White House.  Rumor is: The White House is dealing primarily with McConnell and not Reid or Pelosi.  That sounds a hell of a lot like what the play was for the $800 billion Bush tax cut deal back in December 2010.

On the House side today an odd thing happen. Everyone is the CBC voted for a bill with $752 billion in discretionary spending cuts.  Why? Primarily because they knew the bill would fail and the YES vote would ultimately not “matter.” Several CBC members (Rush, Davis, Jesse Jr. though they weren’t all from Chicago…) voted against the bill only to switch back at the end.  Voting against the Reid bill simply puts your name on the top of the White House call list when they lobby members when the “real” debt deal bill arrives in the House on Monday.