Scott Puts Focus on UI for 99ers

Dec 21: Rep. Scott speaks with Wilson

Scott: 99ers Want Work, Need Assistance. Reps. Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott offered legislation on Friday to assist the “99ers” who have exhausted their 99 weeks (if they got that) of unemployment insurance.  Due to the overwhelming response to this post regarding this issue, SIRIUS radio and WHUR radio (Howard University) host George Wilson and I decided to speak with one of the sponsorss of the legislation, Rep. Bobby Scott of VA, right before a vote on the House floor.  Rep. Barbara Lee is not on Capitol Hill today.  Though the 111th Congress is expected to end for the House tomorrow, you can bet Reps. Lee and Scott will offer H.R. 6556 again when the two lawmakers return on January 5, 2011.  Here, we spoke with Rep. Scott in his Capitol Hill office in Washington about two hours ago:

Provisions of H.R. 6556:
••• This section provides 14 additional weeks of emergency unemployment compensation in Tier I. ••• This additional benefit will be available for those who have exhausted all their benefits (99ers and other exhaustees) as well as those who will be unemployed this year. ••• This expansion is similar to the expansion in Nov. 2009 which provided an additional week of benefits to Tier II. ••• Adding these extra weeks in Tier I makes them available for all chronically unemployed and not only those currently collecting unemployment benefits from a “high unemployment state.”