Rep. Steve King Says Black, Hispanic Members Are “Against White People” and “Anti-White”

Rep. Steve King Says Black, Hispanic Members Are “Against White People” and “Anti-White”

Speaking on Breitbart News’ Whatever It Takes radio, Rep. Steve King is at it again. King is known for racially incendiary comments, particularly when it comes to Mexican immigrants.

Schilling, who is also known to say dumb things on race but has found a home at Breitbart news, asked about the verdict in the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.  Zarate was acquitted in the case on November 30. It was a case where many conservatives argued that the murder was related to San Francisco’s ‘sanctuary city’ law.  Donald Trump mentioned the Steinle murder often during the 2016 campaign. 

“Well, I’ve watched it unfold,” Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, said to Schilling, during a radio interview on December 1, responding to the verdict.

“Sitting on the Judiciary Committee and the immigration and Constitution subcommittees now for 15 years, I’ve watched them maneuver themselves and posture. Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Bobby Scott, Luis Gutierrez, John Conyers, all those people I’ve sat with for 15 years and watched as they maneuver, I’ve watched them manufacture arguments about topics they knew nothing about until they settled on the position they thought was going to suit them politically.”

“They have now deified criminal illegal aliens and there’s a pejoraty [sic] against white people in America. It’s an anti-white, anti-Western civilization culture that they are fostering,” he said.