Rangel on Jobs, Abolishing Worker Rights is Close to Slavery

RANGEL: Lack of Worker Rights = Slavery. Yesterday at a CBC forum, Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York spoke and was no shrinking violent on the issues of jobs and collective bargaining. Rangel is the second most senior member of the CBC and even though he was censured in December he remains as engaged as ever in the issues.  Here’s a few points Rep. Rangel made:

“It doesn’t really make any sense at all for the President of the United States to talk about creating jobs in order to improve the economy and find out that Mayors and Governors are talking about laying people off.”

“Collective bargaining is something that is so close to slavery — in terms of abolishing it –  it’s not an American concept to tell people they’re not allowed to discuss their economic position.”

“It takes a lot of hutzpah to talk about everybody making a sacrifice and targeting just the working people that come from the poorest communities… and exclude from that table the 1% of the people who own 40% of our riches.”