Progressive Caucus Jobs Tour Features Much Talk, Little Action

Progressive leader Ellison

Hey all you Crewof42 readers out there, I have a question: Do you ever get sick of all talk and no action? I went to two panel discussions just this morning. Neither was connected to actual activity dedicated to fixing the problems discussed.  Everyone was smart, everyone had great ideas, but I’ve seen this movie before — many times — and endless events.  All talk.  And the talk is not connected to action.  Haven’t we had enough panels on various issues?  The biggest issue facing the country right now is obvious: Unemployment. Even with a problem his massive, we know what the central barriers are as one attempts to find a job: 1. Lack of skills/training for said job, 2. Lack of education, 3. Lack of jobs available, and so on. Do we really need to talk further on this with 9% nationwide and 25+% unemployment in some CBC districts?  Wouldn’t it be better to use the time spent talking focused on fixing the problem at hand? There are several CBC members who are members of the Progressive Caucus which is led by CBCer Keith Ellison. The other CBCers in the Progressive Caucus are Reps. Barbara Lee, Lacy Clay, Bennie Thompson, Karen Bass, Laura Richardson, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Corinne Brown, Frederica Wilson and Hank Johnson.

The Progressive Caucus, spearheaded by Rep. Keith Ellison, will have a jobs tour this summer.  Generally speaking, that’s a good thing — putting focus on the number one problem facing many CBC constituents: Unemployment. But what will the main feature of the tour be? “Giving Americans the chance to speak out about how the economy is affecting them.” Don’t get me wrong, this could be educational and even theraputic, but where is the action? Where are the solutions?  I’ll say this for the Progressive Caucus: Touring and “highlighting the issue” is certainly better than talking and doing nothing… the further description of the tour reads as follows:

“The Progressive Caucus’ Speakout for Good Jobs Now tour will feature stops in numerous cities across America giving Americans the chance to speak out about how the economy is affecting them.  Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will listen to what everyday Americans have to say and take that back to Washington with them as they continue to fight to reinvigorate the American Dream…” For more on their jobs tour go here…