Normalizing Hate: Trump Loon Alex Jones Blows Up Into Anti-Semitic Rant

Normalizing Hate: Trump Loon Alex Jones Blows Up Into Anti-Semitic Rant

Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down. You will be very, very impressed, I hope. And I think we’ll be speaking a lot. —Donald Trump on the Alex Jones show InfoWars, December 2015

On October 17, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump retweeted an editor of Alex Jones’ show InfoWars. Trump also ranted about pre-debate drug testing soon after Jones came up with another one of his routinely ridiculous out-of-nowhere claims: That Hillary Clinton used drugs before debating Trump. Jones interviews oddball Trump operative Roger Stone a lot and it shows. I’ve never paid much attention to Jones because he’s nuts. But it’s a bad idea to ignore the mainstreaming of hate that’s been building since Trump announced his ego-driven for office.

Yesterday, the insane wild-eyed conspiracy obsessionist Jones went on a anti-semitic screed that was as predictable. Until Donald Trump, Jones was always regarded as a fringe character whose nuttery became more crazed after a Black man won the White House. Conspiracy king Jones decided — for whatever reason but I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or anything like that — to go full bore anti-Jewish yesterday.  Just like the unblinking stereotyping and bigotry already heard from Trump and directed at Mexican immigrants, African Americans and members of the Muslim faith and from Trump none of what follows should surprise.

Alex Jones: “They’re always trying to claim that if I talk about world government and corruption I’m anti-Semitic, there’s mafias of all different stripes and groups but since you want to talk about it, the Emanuels are Jewish mafia. So there you go. But, I mean it’s not that Jews are bad, it’s just they are the head of the Jewish mafia in the United States.They run Uber, they run the health care, they’re going to scam you, they’re going to hurt you.”

And then they got weirdos that they’re allied with like George Soros who’s a literal Nazi collaborator, and then you’ve got Madeleine Albright who’s a Nazi collaborator, her dad was, rounding up Jews, I mean it’s like, if being against Jews that are weirdo Nazi collaborators and gangsters makes me anti-Semitic then fine. I’m not against Jews, but at a certain point, when you people call you out, I’ve been called out in hundreds of newspapers in the last month, as being anti-Semitic, because I talk about a global, corporate, combine.

So it’s not that Jones means anything or that any of this is anti-semitic or anything like that — it’s just that he likes to drone on and on about one of the most deeply held stereotypes bigots who hate Jewish people repeat over and over. Keep in mind that Jones’ paranoid crazy tirades are the starting point from which many of the “ideas” Trump has repeated on the campaign trail. Scalia was murdered, there’s a global conspiracy, everything is rigged… and so on.

There are so many reasons to run into a voting booth these days. You just can’t count them quickly enough.