Miami CBC Stop: Issue of “Targeted” Help for Blacks Arises Again

Why Can’t You Say the Word “Black?” The CBC’s fourth stop on their five city jobs tour was a hot one.  With outspoken and blunt Reps. Alcee Hastings, Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson on the scene, no way were words going to be minced.  They got right down to it.  Waters challenged an Obama official on why he couldn’t say the word “black” when referring to those in need of jobs. Hastings and Wilson said much of the problems surrounding high unemployment was straight-up racism.  The Obama Administration clearly wants to keep the discussion as race neutral as possible.  …. A rising tide lifts all boats: When overall 9% unemployment gets better things will be fine for blacks. But CBC members dealing with 30 to 40% unemployment feel that train left the station long ago — particularly after the Obama Administration had no problem directing specific policy, legislation, summit events and policy meetings for rural job growth, Hispanic issues and gay issues.  When relatively quiet Reps. Laura Richardson and Cerdric Richmond made that point last night I almost fell on the floor.

The one who really blasted the point home of targeted help for blacks and President Obama was Bishop Victor Curry, the NAACP President in Miami.