Meet Steve Hood: The Man Responsible for the Conyers Fiasco

Meet Steve Hood: The Man Responsible for the Conyers Fiasco

MongoSteve Hood was paid $11,500 for this? Wednesday evening Detroit talk radio host Mildred Gaddis interviewed the man who is responsible for the John Conyers ballot problem: Steve Hood. How do we know he’s responsible? Because he admits it. Who hired Hood? Who knows.

Get this: Conyers’ campaign paid Steve Hood’s firm (Ronin America) $11,500 and $3,000 to Skip Mongo — another Detroit operative — to collect signatures.  It gets better: Mongo’s brother is Adolph Mongo.  Adolph is a political consultant for Conyers’ Democratic primary opponent Rev. Horrace Sheffield. (Breathe)  Currently Conyers’ campaign has $112,003 cash on hand and $354,107 in expenditures for Q1.

$112,003 cash on hand and $354,107 in expenditures one – See more at:
Steve Hood

Thanks to the callers on the Gaddis show, we learned two key things:
1. Steve Hood had never collected signatures for Conyers before, and,
2. The brother of the campaign manager of Conyers’ opponent was the go between — YES THE GO BETWEEN — to Steve Hood.  Yeah I wrote that above and let’s go over this again:  Conyers’ opponent for the August primary, Horrace Sheffield, has a campaign manager named Adolph Mongo.  His brother, Skip Mongo, was the go-between for Steve Hood for the signatures.

Adolph Mongo once said he’d leave Detroit after the Kwame Kilpatrick fiasco.  He stayed.

One of the callers, a woman who can be heard at the end of the first recording below, brings up the obvious glaring possibility: That Conyers was intentionally cheated.  A YouTube video from two years ago reveals that signature go-between Skip Mongo predicted that Bert Johnson would win over Conyers two years ago.  Bert Johnson is now Conyers’ campaign manager.

Part two (below) of the interview is the first ten minutes and is virtually a waste of time, but here it is: