Look for Waters Ethics Case to Go On Forever

Rep. Maxine Waters stands to be the next chair of the House Financial Services Committee.  Look for her Ethics case to continue mysteriously forever right into her run for committee Chair.  The Ethics Committee has never given any details on their procedures or reasons for delay or anything else. Since Ethics is accountable to no one, their proceedings can go on forever with zero explaination.

Rep. Jo Bonner of Alabama is the GOP ranking on the House Ethics Committee.  At exactly this time last year were were sitting here in the midst of the censure of the most powerful Black member of the U.S. House since Adam Clayton Powell: Rep. Charlie Rangel.  Now, we’re sitting here a year later and an Ethics case against the most powerful Black female member in history is pending.  A year later.  Even after Waters called for there to be a trial last year.  The ethics case would appear to have no end. Look for this ethics case to mysteriously drag on and on and on…