Libya: 5 CBC Members Vote to Defund War, 13 Vote to Rebuke Obama

Rep. Conyers

Y= 180, N= 238 on defunding Libya. Today the House voted against legislation that would have restricted  funding for the military operations in Libya. Only 5 members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted with many House Republicans to defund the Libya operation. The five members of the CBC voting to limit funding for Libya were Reps. Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Laura Richardson. The vote was part of a GOP effort to defund the war. Reps. Ed Towns and GK Butterfield did not vote.

In an earlier vote (Y= 295, N=123) the House delivered a message.  The House refused to grant President Obama the authority for U.S. military operations against Libya. Seventy Democrats abandoned Obama regarding the policy a day after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a  last-minute appeal yesterday in a meeting on Capitol Hill.  Joining the 70 Republicans on the “no confidence” vote on Libya were 13 CBC members. They were: Reps. John Conyers, Sanford Bishop, Maxine Waters, Bobby Scott, John Lewis, Barbara Lee, Jesse Jackson Jr., Lacy Clay, Gwen Moore, Laura Richardson, Yvette Clarke, Hansen Clarke and Tim Scott. Reps. Allen West, Ed Towns and GK Butterfield did not vote. No similar vote regarding a military action has been passed by Congress since 1999.

The 6 CBC members voted against the President on both votes were Reps. John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson Jr., Barbara Lee, Laura Richardson and Bobby Scott.