Leaders of 9% Congress Work to Make Sure Approval # Gets Lower

9% Congress Works Hard to Make it 8%. You would think that if you were the leader of a legislative body with the lowest approval numbers in that institution’s history you would be dying to get home for Christmas.  Not in the case of the 112th Congress.  Are there 14 million unemployed?  Is there a 15 trillion dollar debt?  Are there a record number of people in poverty?  Sure.  But you’ve got better things to focus on with your 9% approval ratings: Sticking your finger in the eye of the President of the United States.

Why are GOP members set to vote against a two month extension of unemployment benefits and the payroll tax?  Why. Does it have something to do with President Obama calling Sens. Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid on Saturday to tell them he was happy with the payroll tax extension they worked on to pass?  Since every second has to do with winning the next election instead of actually legislating, you can bet that most members simply don’t want to have to face the payroll issue in February.  Or is it just another episode of House Republicans being against what the President is in favor of?