Kucinich to Run Against Kaptur, Not Marcia Fudge

In what will clearly be one of the oddest and toughest choices primary voters will have to make next year, Rep. Dennis Kucinich will run against the most senior female in the U.S. House, well respected Rep. Marcy Kaptur.  Ohio has been hit particularly hard by unemployment and attempts to dismantle unions.  Kucinich and Kaptur have long been very vocal champions of “the least of these in society.”

It will be interesting to see if Kucinich can use the name recognition he gained after running for President to win.  Kaptur is a senior member on House Appropriations and Budget. Her work on Approps and the issues and people she stands for are not unlike your typical CBC member — but Kucinich is not far behind on that one.  This will be an odd race.  What Kaptur and Kucinich will challenge each other on when they agree on so much is a key question.  Obviously, this means that Kucinich will not run against CBC Rep Marcia Fudge.