JJJr Home Listing Vanishes, Sandi Appears as Jesse Jr is No-Show at His CBCF Forum

The listing showing Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Washington DC home up for sale has suddenly vanished. There was an online video featuring photos o each room of the home. The house, located on O Street near 21st in NW Washington DC, was put on the market for $2.5 million.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported last night that JJJr’s office informed them the listing was switched to “private” because of “security concerns.”

Of course the bottom line is this: No one cares about what the inside of Jesse Jr.’s home looks like. What people care about is finding out whether or not Jackson will continue his career in Congress or chose to resign given the toll of his medical situation. Selling his DC home is an indication, perhaps, he will leave Congress. But interestingly, after a series of PR blunders, Jackson has been more open about his medical situation than anyone in recent memory. Usually, public officials with health problems hide everything.

But when photos of JJJr were released of him sitting at the Mayor Clinic in Minnesota with former Rep. Patrick Kennedy shortly after a detailed press release from his doctors on his medical diagnosis, it marked an interesting moment of transparency regarding a sensitive issue.

On Friday, Jackson’s wife Sandi attended a forum on voting rights that JJJr’s was schedule to host at the annual Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference. JJJr’s press secretary Frank Watkins was on hand to tell me that Sandi has been to plenty of forums before… at any rate … stay tuned.