Jesse Jr on 13 Million Jobs Lost, iPads Made in China and a GOP Bill That Makes Same Point

Jackson Blames iPad for Job Losses? Um no not quite… all the conservative bloggers are always attempting to frame the debate in D vs. R terms but look at the entire statement from Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Jackson mentioned 13 million jobless people, unemployment at 9%. Then he speaks on jobs and maufacturing that could probably be completed in the United States that are sent overseas to China.  He dings Steve Jobs “who is probably doing pretty well…” Jackson says, in this process.  Rep. Jackson takes to the floor on the jobs issue quite often.  One of the points he often makes is that Republicans talked “where are the jobs” constantly during the 2010 campaign but have yet to offer a single jobs bill on the House floor since House Republicans took over in the majority.  In speaking about the iPad, Jackson makes the point that too many American jobs are going overseas.  And not just the individiual jobs but entire industries connected to those jobs.

Forbes + Jackson
iPad 2

H.R. 516: Last week, GOP Rep. J. Randy Forbes of Virginia offered legislation see here that makes the same argument Jackson made on the floor regarding the iPad.  The bill focuses on the issue of bring that have moved overseas back to America. The bill, called the Bringing Jobs Back to America Act. sounds a lot like the point Jackson is making.  From Forbes website: Congressman Forbes is cosponsoring the Bring Jobs Back to America Act.  If passed, the bill will require the Secretary of Commerce to develop a national plan to energize manufacturing and bring back jobs from overseas. It would create task forces to identify all American companies with manufacturing operations overseas and work with state and local governments to help return these jobs to the U.S. It would also set up a study of tax incentives to encourage the return of U.S. jobs.”  Keep in mind GE and Apple and many other companies get tax breaks as they move their operations and jobs to countries that offier cheap labor. Perhaps Democrat Jackson and Republican Randy Forbes can work together on this issue.