House GOP Wants Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

How About Drug Testing for Members of Congress? The same people who didn’t require drug testing when $800 billion was handed out for a bailout in 2008 are back again.  They want drug testing for those applying for unemployment benefits. Fourteen million are unemployed in the U.S. Nevermind the millions that go overseas in foreign aid (anyone getting drug tested to get that cash?). Nevermind the $20 billion that’s been going to Iraq and Afghanistan — some of which goes to war profiteers at Haliburton and Blackwater.   Has anyone heard a call to drug test those who receive that cash? Was the President and CEO of Blackwater drug tested?

Who came up with this idea? You may have guessed a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives that has the lowest approval ratings in the history of the institution. That member would be Jack Kingston of Ga. He says: “…drug screening as a condition of unemployment benefits safeguards valuable taxpayer dollars by ensuring job seekers are at their competitive best for re-employment and helps to reduce the nation’s debt by not using federal resources to enable an individual’s drug dependency…”

Really? How about drug testing for members of Congress? How best to protect the taxpayers money for that $174,000 a year we pay 535 people to come up with these ideas.  Out taxpayer dollar should be safeguarded right?