House GOP Set to Toss Unemployment Benefits + Payroll Tax Into Limbo

It all expires on December 31. America your 9% approval Congress is at it again. No straight up and down vote on the Senate compromise (why: Because it would pass).  No matter what you hear this is he bottom line: The House is about to vote to toss payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits into limbo.  The Senate compromise would extend jobless benefits and the payroll tax cuts for 60 days. What do the House GOP Tea Party Republicans want? They voted, not on a straight up and down on what the Senate decided, but to instead toss the process — in effect — into limbo.

In all of this there is nothing in what is being passed that ensures that unemployment benefits or the payroll tax cut will continue.  Of course, 39 Republicans Senators voted for that compromise.  Everyone is talking on the “uncertainty” of a 2-month extension.  What is certain now? Nothing.  No one knows what will happen next. Period.