GOP Guv Calls Violent Image of Obama “Shameful + Offensive”

Breaking news: Someone in their party lowers the boom on someone in their own party.  When was the last time that happened? OK so Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia gets the mini profile in courage award within this looong Herman Cain filled news cycle. Why? Because he did something that never happens anymore in American politics: He openly tossed someone in his own party under the bus for doing something uproariously stupid.  The Chair of the GOP in Loudoun County VA, Mark Sell, thought it was a real knee slapper to send out an e-mail featuring the President of the United States as a zombie with a bullet in his head (…and what’s with that Pelosi pic?).  Yeah I know it’s Halloween and all that but let’s not get stupid when it comes to violent imagery and the President — particularly a President with a record number of threats.  VA Governor Bob McDonnell called it “shameful and offensive,” as quoted by his spokesman Tucker Martin.  Gov. McDonnell is scheduled to talk to the Loudoun County Republican candidates this Thursday.  Also: “The Governor has long stressed the need for more civility and respect in our politics. An email like this one undermines those goals, offends all Virginians and discredits our entire political process. It will not be tolerated.” Hello.  Think of what normally happens: Everyone sits silent, says nothing and rides out the storm.