FEB 27: Cleaver on MEET the PRESS Sunday

Cleaver will be on MTP Sunday

FEB 27 – CLEAVER on MEET THE PRESS. CBC Chair Emanuel Cleaver will be on Meet the Press with David Gregory this Sunday for the second time in two months.  Chair Cleaver has been critical of the budget cuts voted for by the House GOP in the continuing resolution to keep the government running as well as many budget cuts proposed by President Obama in his budget.

Cleaver was invited and attended the star studded Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House event last night in the East Room of the White House.  Other CBC members present were Reps. John Conyers and Bobby Rush.  Will the soulful sounds of Motown music at the White House make Cleaver more mellow towards budget cuts to Pell Grants and Community Block Grants in President Obama’s budget? Doubtful, but let’s look on Sunday and listen carefully.  This interview is further evidence of an improved and much heightened media presence since Rep. Cleaver took over as Chair.  The effects of the Congressman’s direct speaking style combined with a new savvy staff featuring Communications Director Stephanie Young and Executive Director and General Counsel Angela Rye is obvious.  Cleaver has already completed more national TV and radio appearances than the last three CBC Chairs combined in less than 60 days. More importantly than quantity, the interviews bring focus onto the Caucus’ view on policy.  The fact the CBC Chair is present in the conversation on national television brings many of the CBC’s issues into larger view on the national stage.