Far Right Targets CBC Members with Leaked Docs, Leadership Silent on Franken #NewsOneNow

Far Right Targets CBC Members with Leaked Docs, Leadership Silent on Franken #NewsOneNow

Was Conyers’ Step Down the Fastest in History? Sen. Al Franken is the Chair of a subcommittee on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP) called Employment and Workplace Safety. Note the silence from Democratic leadership regarding whether or not he should step down.  On the Senate Judiciary Committee, Franken is a RM on the Privacy, Technology, and the Law. No call for him to step down from either. “Zero tolerance” goes but so far. 

But I digress…

When Buzzfeed transparently revealed that the core information they found for their November 21 story that would lead, only 6 days later, to a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus losing his Ranking Member position (no, he will never get it back again) on the House Judiciary Committee that should have been evidence enough that something was up.  It’s about power and who controls it and who makes the decisions at a time when the U.S. is changing demographically. The alt-rights is laser focused on that reality. 

Days later it was Rep. Al Green’s turn.  Remember that Green led the charge for impeaching Donald Trump (an idea Democratic leaders in the House are against).
Right wing-alt-right crazy pizza-gate info-wars “writer” Mike Cernovich was the source.  The document was redacted (who knows why) and there is still no confirmation that Conyers actually knew about it or signed it.  Whether he did or not the underlying accusations are serious. But the source can not be ignored.

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