Draft of Trump “Religious Freedom” Executive Order

Draft of Trump “Religious Freedom” Executive Order

Donald Trump is expected to sign a “religious freedom” executive order this week.  What if an employer claimed it was their religious beliefs to not hire a certain group of people? What if someone cited “religious reasons” for not wanted to provide a service to a particular individual.

What does a “religious freedom” executive order mean?
1. (See section 4D below) The order will have the “Russell Amendment” in it.  The amendment proposed by Republican Rep. Steve Russell would expand religious exemptions for any employer that’s a federal contractor.  Translation: They would be able to cite religious reasons for not hiring someone or performing a task.

2. (See section 4L below) The order would create an office at DOJ to make sure this order is enforced. Would this office be the Civil Rights Division? Who knows.

3. (See section 4E belowSuddenly 5013c organizations can do whatever because “these are my religious beliefs.

4.(See section 4K below) Look for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) language in the executive order. The order would “apply to all individuals and organizations, barring the federal government from punishing them if they denied services based on their religious beliefs,” according to Newsweek