Debt Deal: Why Did 14 CBC Members Vote YES to a Satan Sandwich?

Why did 15 black members vote YES on the debt deal? Reps. Allen West, Chaka Fattah, Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, David Scott, Jim Clyburn, Lacy Clay, Cedric Richmond, Frederica Wilson, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Terri Sewell, Greg Meeks, Karen Bass, Hank Johnson and Sanford Bishop voted for the much vilified debt deal.  GOP Rep Tim Scott didn’t feel it cut enough. Three CBC rookies voted for it.  These are the reasons of five members who voted YES.  They mirror the others.

Jim Clyburn, SC –  Though Clyburn told Tom Joyner the debt deal was a “bad deal” he voted for it.  His position as a member of House leadership makes it tricky for him not to. He reminded that $44 billion more in discretionary will come in for 2012 — don’t fret about 2013. He also reminded everyone that “one Congress can’t bind another…”  That’s another way of saying: Just worry about 2012 and hopefully we’ll take the House in 2013 and change this deal. read full statement here
Chaka Fattah, PA – “The alternative to this deal was an unthinkable assault on every pocketbook and every American’s checking account… The [dept super] committee must make those cuts half domestic, half defense, and spread evenly over the years 2013 to 2021… it must proceed in ways that protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.” All of you out there who are convinced “the CBC” is “always critical of Obama pay close attention to Chaka Fattah. He’ll prove your wrong every time. read full statement here
Bobby Rush, IL – ““And, fourth, the compromise legislation I’m supporting creates a clear path forward for the U.S. economy over the course of the next 18 months…” read full statement here
Danny Davis, IL – “Default is not an option… The agreement … was not perfect; … it does, however protect Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and food stamp programs…”
David Scott, GA – Scott put out no statement on the legislation but much like Rep. Fattah, he usually votes in favor of what President Obama wants and is one of only two CBC fiscal Blue Dogs.