Controversy Around Juror 12 in Fattah Case: Why Was Juror Who Voted to Acquit 8X Dismissed?

Controversy Around Juror 12 in Fattah Case: Why Was Juror Who Voted to Acquit 8X Dismissed?

It’s All Under Seal. Why was a juror who reportedly voted 8 times not to convict former Rep. Chaka Fattah removed from the jury? No one knows. Why? Because the federal judge on the case has sealed all documents related to the juror’s dismissal. But an investigative reporter spoke to Juror 12 in August.

fattah-3“I only spoke to juror twelve for about an hour or so. He sounded very rational and he was vey calm. He is absolutely the opposite of an anti-government type,” said investigative reporter Ralph Cipriano on December 7.

The original story on Juror 12 broken by Cipriano can be seen here.  Cipriano, a former staffer at the Philly Inquirer, also noted that Juror 12, “had an excellent grasp of the facts, he knew what every witness said and what every witness didn’t say.”  Cipriano was interviewed for an hour on the matter of Juror 12 on 900AM-WURD on December 7 on the Nick Taliaferro Show. Cipriano has also noted that the Juror is a businessman living in Lancaster, Pa. who’s also a former Army Paratrooper.

Cipriano says the dismissed juror was taken off the case after eight straight votes to acquit the Congressman. “This is a matter of conscious and the government didn’t prove their case,” Cipriano reported the juror told him.  

On Monday, December 12, former Philly Congressman Fattah will be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III, 75, who was appointed by President George H.W. Bush. The sentencing recommendation by the prosecution is 17-22 years.  

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An interview with investigative reporter Ralph Cipriano discusses the controversy around Juror 12, who Cipriano interviewed back in August.