Clyburn Defends Susan Rice, Eludes to Race

House Assistant Leader Jim Clyburn came out swinging once again to defend UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Rice has recently been attacked by Sens. Johns McCain and Lindsey Graham. “I don’t trust her,” Graham ha said. McCain has said he’d do “everything” in his power to block Rice from becoming Secretary of State.

Clyburn pointed out today that racism and sexism may in part be behind the attacks on Amb. Rice.

On CNN today, Clyburn said calling Rice “lazy” and “incompetent,” were code words,” Clyburn said.

“Those of us raised in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives, and we’d get insulted by them.”

Clyburn was referring to the unprecedented criticism against Amb. Rice in the wake of the attack on the US Embassy in Libya that left US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others dead.

No one can remember former UN Ambassadors John Bolton, John Danforth or John Negroponte coming under such attacks even though the presided during an era of “no WMD” and major intelligence failures that took place prior to the September 11 attacks.

Sen. Graham has stated Rice was “an essential player in the Benghazi debacle” although it appears she was simply reading talking points given to her by the CIA when speaking for the Administration shortly after the attack.