Christmas: Joint Chiefs Chair Can Sing, Will He Drop CD?

Could Powell or Mullen do this? Four stars and he can play Vegas? Well it’s Christmas time and I just found a fun story in the Washington Post.  Turns out that our current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can sing. I mean really sing.  He’s Gen. Martin Dempsey. If he dropped an album or started hanging out with Jay-Z I wouldn’t be surprised.  (Think of it: He could record an album and all proceeds go to Paralyzed Vets of America). Well, Gen. Dempsey may not have time to play Vegas or record but he sure is set to go viral on YouTube. He recently was asked to sing and wanted the TV cameras to be turned off, “because he didn’t want to end up on YouTube again…” When you hear this you’ll wonder why and know that any future requests from Gen. Dempsey to turn off recording devices should be ignored. The current Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Dempsey, is seen here on YouTube singing the cute lil’ Irish Christmas song “Christmas in Killarney.”