#CBCFALC14: Where is @CoryBooker?

#CBCFALC14: Where is @CoryBooker?

Damn it I want my Booker selfie… Did I miss the panel discussion on the REDEEM Act with Sen. Cory Booker on the #CBCFALC14 schedule? Maybe I have an old catalog or a schedule that wasn’t updated… I don’t know.  A discussion with (or without…) Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on their legislation would have been a perfect fit for #CBCFALC14.  Do we only do that only at a Politico forum so we can get silly questions (from the reporter moderator..) that have nothing to do with criminal justice reform? 

A random guy walked up to me at the end of the Youth PROMISE Act panel yesterday and asked: Where is Cory TimScottBooker? “I’m calling his office to find out why he isn’t at #CBCFALC14,” he said.  He wanted me to look up Booker’s office number on my phone.  As a New Yorker I would be remiss if I didn’t take time out to give a New Jersey native a hard time so I gave it to him.

Where is @CoryBooker is not a bad question, but I have a feeling the answer will be: New Jersey or the P Section tonight at the Washington Convention Center around 7 p.m.  Don’t hate I know this could also be a “Where is Alcee Hastings” post… And of course, we could also ask America’s other African American Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) the same question.

For all the talk of GOP outreach to the Black community — Sen. Scott hasn’t made the most obvious step towards outreach: Joining the Black Caucus.  From there, Sen. Scott could do even more outreach every year at #CBCFALC14. If you want a conversation around conservative policy and all it has to offer Blacks — here it is.  

Many Black conservatives (Jason Riley?) love to keep it in the TV studio.  Because of course when you bring their show on the road and have to field real questions from real people, well, that could get interesting.