CBC Split 19-18 on Libya Intervention, WH Calls Several Members

“We’ve already spent $600 million on this,” Rep. Barbara Lee said between the two Libya votes on the House floor today. The White House put out calls to several CBC members in an effort to get them to support the White House position to continue military action in Libya. The White House wanted the member to vote against both resolutions to limit U.S. involvement in Libya.  The vote split the CBC in half.  The White House told one member that it would be “embarrassing” to the President if certain members did not show their support for the Libya effort.  Though the Kucinich resolution didn’t pass, another resolution to harshly rebuke the President for bypassing Congress over Libya did.

LIBYA VOTE 2 (H.CON RES 51) did not pass 148 to 265 with 19 not voting.

CBC Split on Libya Involvement

Voting to get out of Libya period end of story…. or “Directing the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya (Kucinich)”

Libya speech

Voting to “get out of Libya” in the CBC were (19) : Charlie Rangel, Yvette Clarke, Danny Davis, Emanuel Cleaver, John Conyers, Alcee Hastings, Sheila Jackson Lee, Allen West, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Lacy Clay, Bobby Scott, Tim Scott, Laura Richardson, Don Payne and Bennie Thompson.

Voting “YES” and with President Obama’s position to stay in Libya were (18):
Corinne Brown, GK Butterfield, Sanford Bishop, Keith Ellison, Chaka Fattah, Elijah Cummings, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Jim Clyburn, Al Green, David Scott, Frederica Wilson, Cedric Richmond, Karen Bass, Mel Watt, Terri Sewell, Hank Johnson, Marcia Fudge and Donna Edwards.

Not voting: Gwen Moore, Bobby Rush.  Can’t vote on either question: Donna Christensen and Eleanor Holmes Norton.