CBC Random Roundup of 12

What’s up with a 11 of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. I know it’s only 12 of 42 but it’s Christmas/New Year break. Many of the members are quiet — but get ready to rumble as the second session of the 111th Congress begins on Tuesday.

Bishop, Sanford — Affordable home ownership in district?
— Brown, Corrine — Brown has six challengers.
— Burris, Roland — Burris going on trip to China.
— Butterfield, G. K. — Minority small business cap.
— Carson, André — A New Years resolution from Andre…
— Jackson Lee, Sheila — There may be a serious election challenge from Jarvis Johnson.
— Jackson, Jr., Jesse — Jesse endorses Pat Quinn for Guv.
— Johnson, Eddie Bernice — A $2.3 million in stimulus cash for airport.
— Kilpatrick, Carolyn — Talking about light rail systems.
— Waters, Maxine — FBI probe request for missing woman who was in custody.
— Watt, Mel — Watt’s $450,000 earmark for gang prevention.