Chair Cleaver: CBC Demands Clean Debt Bill, Will NOT Support Cuts

NO CUTS. NO CAPS. JUST RAISE IT. CBC Chair Emanuel Cleaver in a statement on the debt fight: We cannot support anything that will further handicap those in our community. We all agree that we have to responsibly to reduce the deficit but not on the backs of hard-working American families, all while protecting special interests and the wealthiest Americans.

40 VOTES – CBC WANTS CLEAN DEBT BILL ONLY.So does that mean NO on the Reid bill as well? Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, told WHUR’s George Wilson of the CBC’s formal position on the debt ceiling legislation during an interview about two hours ago.  The big question: When Cleaver says they want a clean bill, does that mean NO to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bill as well?  This audio was recorded at around 2PM today.  Many members of the CBC have been openly saying they dislike many of the cuts in the debt ceiling proposals.  Just this morning, Reps. John Conyers, Barbara Lee and Marcia Fudge took part in a presser critical of the massive cuts on social programs. Members are concerned about how the cuts will effect the poor.  [CBC TALLY: There are 44 black members of Congress. Two are Republicans (West, Tim Scott). Two (Norton, Christiansen) can not vote].