Breaking News: Allen West Says Something “False” and “Child-like”

I can’t believe it. Allen West said something “false.” I would never have guessed that. Rep. Keith Ellison in THE HILL: “It’s not true. It’s a false statement. It is unfair. It is unkind,” Ellison said on the House floor. “It’s tough out here already, we don’t need verbal false accusations against each other.”  Ellison also said to engage in debate on the matter of West calling progressive “communists” is “child-like.” And West “double downed” and won’t apologize? I just know none of you out could have ever guessed that one. Rep. Hank Johnson in THE HILL: “To label folks as communists and socialists just because they believe in fairness for working people in this country, it’s not true, and I think that he should be called out…”

C’mon guys… Keith, Hank wake up… you’re not actually sitting there and continuing to take Rep. Allen West seriously are you? Everyone else stopped doing that a long time ago.  “It” should be “called out”? For what?  So we can waste more time on trifling nonsense? Ain’t life short enough? What prevented the Progressives from wearing “commie pinko” buttons or printing “piss off Allen and vote commie” T-shirts for fundraising I have no clue. Continuing to take this silly s***show signifying nothing seriously is a fools game.  Journos do it for ratings and clicks on websites. Why do members of Congress do it? He’s playing you guys… Trust me: Hit the ignore button and keep it moving.

What did Murrow say… We must remember always that accusation is not proof