Black Unemployment Hits 16.7%, Males 18%! Teens 46%! Highest Ever?

• Black Unemployment Hits 16.7%! (16.2% in Aug 2010)
• Black male unemployment rises to 18%! (17.2 in Aug 2010)
• Black teen rate rises to 46%! (39.2% in July)
• Overall Unemployment Stays at 9.1% (9.6% Aug 2010)

These may be the worst unemployment numbers for African Americans in years… How is it that the overall unemployment numbers stay the same and black unemployment gets worse? Once again a rising tide has lifted the boat of black unemployment to record numbers.  When it comes to the unemployment numbers with regard to African Americans the tide is getting high. Usually the numbers don’t change from 15.9% (July) to 16.7%.  That is not just a few ticks worse — that’s almost a full point worse.  The highest unemployment sector is black males at an amazing 18%. These are the recorded numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — imagine what the real numbers are.  CBC members Reps. John Conyers, Hansen Clarke and Maxine Waters have already spoken of 40% unemployment in their district.  If the President doesn’t mention the highest unemployment sector at his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress on September 8, Joe Wilson won’t be the person yelling out a CBC member may be the one.  Rural jobs plan? How abut an urban one? Will the CBC jobs tour hiring be reflected in the September numbers? Were 10,000 hired? Still trying to find out…

January 2011 – 9.0%
February 2011 – 8.9%
March 2011 – 8.8%
April 2011 – 9.0%
May 2011 – 9.1%
June  2011 – 9.2%  blacks: 16.2%
July 2011 – 9.1%  blacks: 15.9% / black males 17%
August 2011 – 9.1% blacks: 16.7 / black males 18%!