Bad Bosses Not New Yet 2 Black Female Bosses Get 100% of Attention

Laura Richardson… again.  Another year, another crazy Black female piece.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a bad boss… really, really, really bad. We know.  How do we know? Because there have been not one but two big stories on this.  Black females make up 2.6% of Congress yet get 100% of the attention when it comes to news stories on being “bosses from hell.” Is there anything “breaking news” about the long known fact that there are “bosses from hell” in Washington? Question is: Why are the few pieces on the subject on Black women? Has anyone written a piece on how wonderful it is to work for Rep. Pete Stark? How about Amy Klobuchar or Chuck Schumer or Kay Bailey Hutchison or Herb Kohl? Norm Dicks anyone? Barbara Mikulski?

How about Rep. Michelle Bachmann? Word has it her office turnover is astoundingly high. Just think: Bachmann was running for the Presidency — you’d think someone would have done a little story on her high staff turnover. Did one ever get written?  And notice how women (only 20% of Congress…) get 100% the the attention when a story is written? The Capitol grapevine revealed years ago that Rep. Tim Murphy is not exactly fun to work for.  A blogger revealed this right at about the time the FBI was investigating Murphy for the very same thing Richardson is in trouble for: Using government staff for campaign activities.

Is it easier to be critical of people who don’t look like you in the mirror? One year ago in March 2011, The Daily Caller — a website that loves to pen stories on Black elected officials in a negative light — Congressional Boss From Hell, Sheila Jackson Lee  read here This was the second “boss from hell” story to focus on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.  The first was by Sam Dealey years ago in The Hill newspaper.  Just interesting that out of 535 people, and with all the bad bosses on Capitol Hill, a Black female member gets two stories?  The Daily Caller piece was over 3,000 words and it was detailed and investigative.  Everyone already knew Jackson Lee was a bad boss — is there anyone else? Did anyone check? I bet you can guess the answer.

Yesterday, POLITICO did a piece on Rep. Laura Richardson.  This was the first paragraph: read here “In an explosive resignation letter, a disabled veteran and aide to Rep. Laura Richardson told the California Democrat that she’d “rather be at war in Afghanistan” than continue working for the congresswoman and accused a senior staff member of engaging in improper political activity on government time.”

Breaking news: Richardson is a bad boss. Got it.  Are her ethics troubles a story? Yes. But I just wonder: Is anyone else a bad boss or just Richardson and Jackson Lee?  The odds are long that 2 Black females out of only 14 in Congress out of 535 members total in Congress would be focused on — yet here we are.