Allen West, Weapon of Mass Distraction? A Clip Reel

Alan Grayson… Joe Walsh… Allen West… There are 14 million people unemployed and 50 million in poverty.  Go back to watching Snooki… and reading about the latest Nazi comparison from someone you pay $174,000 to to solve problems.  In American today there is record poverty, record food stamp use and record income disparity.  We have a record number of people, 2.3 million, incarcerated.  So we need to ask ourselves seriously: What types of people should we send to Washington to help run the country? Do we need people who like to appear on 24-hour cable often or do we need people who can get along with others and get things done.  We further need to also ask:  Can we afford is distractions.  Yes, Rep. Allen West compared Democrats to Nazis last week. Is that really news? Hasn’t this been the schtick all year?  Rep. Joe Walsh will probably be a no-show at the State of the Union in January?  That’s his schtick.  Anytime there is a lull in someone’s media attention watch out.

Haven’t we seen this movie before? when Allen West wanted, in the irony or all ironies, Rep. Andre Carson to apologize for something he said in August.  But you understand this is all a distraction, right.  Raise your hand if you’ll care about this three days from now.  If unemployment or poverty got lower over comparing Democrats to Nazi I’d be all for it.  But these weapons of mass distraction come at a high price.  In an era of high unemployment and high poverty, distractions could prove dangerous.  A clip reel to review: