Allen West: Black Ldrs Jackson Sr, Barbara Lee, Waters “Overseers” of “Plantation”

“We’re angry about all of this stuff,” says Laura Ingraham… who is she kidding? The GOP never mentions black unemployment.
Of course what Laura Ingraham doesn’t ask Rep. Allen West is:
What fantastic ideas do Republicans have to fix poverty, foreclosures and high black unemployment at 15.9%? The House GOP voted down several proposals to help with those issues in the last six month. Do Republicans really expect blacks to vote for the GOP when they have no policies that address the problems blacks deal with disproportionately?  What ideas do the GOP have to fix the dropout rate, incarceration and high unemployment?  Did Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan or George Bush fix those problems or even improve on them?  Republicans, particularly black Republicans, love to be critical of liberals but where are their ideas? And what is he attacking Barbara Lee for exactly?